Why it’s a problem: This is easily the most explicitly, unapologetically ableist trash I’ve read in a long time. However, it provides great insight into the thinking of most neurotypical, abled people, who grow to resent their disabled family members.

As just one example of the disinformation and problematic language littered throughout this article, take this passage, in which the author, Carolyn Rosenblatt, places a false dichotomy between people with mental illness and disabled people:

In another matter, a mentally ill brother had been temporarily living with his disabled older brother. He was terrorizing the disabled person, who lived in fear and avoided him in all possible ways.

So, people with psych disabilities are not disabled?

In another grotesque passage, Rosenblatt writes:

Mental illness affects a significant part of our population. It can be managed successfully when the person is willing to accept treatment, which usually includes medication and talk therapy. If it is refused, there must be consequences.

Mental illness can certainly be present in fraught family dynamics, but when people only see the mental illness, that becomes an easy scapegoat, preventing people from realizing how their own flattened thinking and problematic behavior is aggravating the situation. Read the way that Rosenblatt talks about people with mental illness, and it’s not difficult to understand why militant people like her are part of the problem.

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