Why it’s a problem: In this 404-word letter to relationship advice columnist, Annalisa Barbieri, the writer mentions her husband’s depression just once, stating that he has “increasing depressive moods,” but the title of this column suggests that depression is the root all the troubles in their relationship. While it’s entirely possible that the husband is depressed and that is causing some friction in their relationship, based on the writer’s actual description of her husband’s behavior, it seems more accurate to state that the husband may be an asshole. For example, the writer observes that her husband is jealous, controlling, and resentful, which are not exactly symptoms of depression.

This is not the first time that The Guardian’s advice columnists have framed mental illness as the root of all evils. As I’ve noted before, this type of framing is stigmatizing, and contributes to ableist and eugenic ideologies that eradicating disability will eliminate all frictions in society.

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