Why it’s a problem: And yet another article, this time in The Washington Post, in which the author makes a concerted effort to frame the mass shooting in Maine as a failure of mental health care rather than a failure of law enforcement to act on a clear threat. The author writes, “[The residents] are calling for accessible mental health care, restrictions on firearms and more aggressive law enforcement action when a person with access to weapons is exhibiting psychosis.”

The number of times that mental health is brought up in in the article? Eleven

The number of times that assault rifles, which are the most common factor in mass shootings, are mentioned as maybe the problem? Three

The number of times that failures by law enforcement agencies to act on the gunman’s numerous threats are discussed in the article? Two

The author does mention that FBI agents were seen distributing chocolate bars at a Halloween event later that week, though, and then at a football game, the author makes a point to mention that the announcer broadcasted to the crowd, “Let’s hear it for our very own heroes in blue, the Lewiston police!” Sounds like someone’s doing some serious damage control.

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