Illustration of various representations of disability.
Illustration of various representations of disability. Graphic by Andrea Gomez, Chloe Chan | The Rice Thresher

Disability report ranks Rice 35th

“Capitalism provides the motivation for institutions like academia, which functions largely these days to prepare students to enter the corporate workforce with large amounts of debt, to view disability, and anyone generally who is less productive, as a liability and burden.”

A disability ranking study placed Rice as 35th in the country out of 106 universities studied for disability inclusion and access in higher education. 

Created by Bowen Cho, a disability scholar-activist at the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University, this project ranked top universities on four pillars. In Cho’s ranking system, no school scored better than a D. The top-ranked schools in the project were Yale University, Harvard University and the University of Idaho. Read more…

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