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About The Ableist

I am willing to vouch that the best journalism covering disability can be found in student newspapers on college campuses across the US. While ableism is still pervasive on university campuses, and while it still shows now and then in student writing, student journalism is generally light years ahead of mainstream news coverage on disability, in both thought and practice. My research on other projects often required that I quarry student newspapers for data, and while reading these articles — including those by disabled writers and our non-disabled allies and accomplices — I would often think how great it would be to amplify these voices to serve as a counterpoint to mainstream media coverage, which tends to promote medicalizing, objectifying, pathologizing, stigmatizing, criminalizing, and infantilizing views about disability. This website started as a simple aggregator to collect the best of student journalism in a single, accessible space. I then added another page, the Able-LIST, to document and respond to harmful and ableist media coverage on disability, for which there is no shortage of material, unfortunately. This is a project that is long overdue.